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Our headquarters

We let our creativity come to life in The Cool Factory. A brand-new corporate headquarters and a creative production, meeting, learning, and testing environment for cool experts, business partners, suppliers, customers and supporters.

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CCG_Staycation_SecondPlacement (2)

Whitepaper: Is your brand staycation proof?

5 tips to present your cool brand in a refreshing way in the retail shop. It’s not just a marketing hack, studies prove that by putting a product in a better place, you make up to 59% more turnover. 

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Ice-cold-seducers-whitepaper (1)

Whitepaper: Ice-cold seducers

In this whitepaper we show you how you can strategically present your frozen treats to shoppers in the coolest possible way and make sure you can escape from the grey zone that the freezing department often is.

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CCG_E-book_GreenDeal_Blog (1)

E-book: The European Green Deal

As a European supplier of cooling furniture, we are taking up the challenge. We are convinced that sustainable and innovative business is the only way forward for our organisation, our people, our customers and our suppliers.

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André Martens & Sven Danneels (1)

Creative Cooling Group welcomes new CEO

After 8 years of leading the way, current CEO Sven Danneels will be passing on the torch. André Martens will be stepping into the role and taking over the management of Creative Cooling Group.

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Coolio – Freshboards in a Row (3)

Heylen Group zet groeistrategie Creative Cooling Group verder met de overname van Coolio International

Heylen Group en Creative Cooling Group nemen Coolio International (THE DISPLAY COOLING COMPANY ) uit Antwerpen over en versterken hiermee het bedrijfsportfolio van Heylen Group in het marktsegment van de promotionele coolers.

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E-book: How second placement empowers you to boost your sales

Including second placement into your marketing strategy is nowadays even more important than ever before. So, an invaluable piece of advice: Don’t fight a price war! Just make sure your cool product stands out instore. How? Get these 5 tips quickly.

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Discover in AR how your next cooler fits in your environment

With our augmented reality (AR) tool it is easy to check out in Real Life how your new promotional cooler fits in your environment. This gives you an immediate idea. Cool!

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Koude koffie in nieuwe Starbucks-verpakking koelt in coolers van CCG

Koude koffie in nieuwe Starbucks-verpakking koelt in coolers van Creative Cooling Group.

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Blog_Cool Reads_Checklist_9 tips to save

9 tips to save on your energy bill with a Creative Cooling display

While consumers are rapidly changing their shopping behavior doing their utmost not to consume more than the bare essentials, you face unseen supply and energy costs. We will help you save on your energy bill by mapping out how you can save electricity with display coolers on the shop floor.

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Why an LCD screen on your promo cooler is top of the bill?

Discover the advantages of having an LCD screen on your promotional cooler. From attracting attention to personalizing campaigns, find out how it can benefit you.

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