We take personalization to the next level to make your display the shop floor star. We create a cool design with your graphical elements or bring the design you provide to life.

A glimpse at our modus operandi

Elegante_Not branded

Step 1

During an in-depth consultation, we pick a cooler that matches your practical needs perfectly. Now let’s transform it into a real eye-catching communication channel!


Step 2

In step 2, we dive into the branding possibilities to turn your brand into an in-store powerhouse.


Step 3

The next thing we’ll agree on is who’ll create the design.

  • You create a design yourself
  • We deliver you a jaw-dropping design

Step 4

Once the designers applied their graphical magic, we present your branded display cooler via a photorealistic 3D rendering. After your approval, we kick off the production process.

Let’s brand your cooler