Services to facilitate success

Our mission “Bridging Brands with People” also includes offering you additional services to make your project a success.

No matter what challenge lies ahead, our services allow you to keep your cool

Producing and delivering reliable, personalized display coolers is just one of our many services. If you want to explore new opportunities, we can be companions in many different ways.


We design

Design is where our heart is. It’s the core of what we do, the hidden persuader that turns functional into irresistible, and standard into exceptional… Maybe you have a house style, maybe not? Maybe a draft? An idea? Just imagination? With our creativity, we turn everything into a working reality.


We rent

Is there a product launch coming up? Do you plan a short cross-selling promotion or does your product deserve to be in the spotlight for a short period…? Not every action justifies the purchase of a professional, personalized cooling display. Which is why you can also rent them for at least 1 week.


How to tackle assortment anxiety?

Today, consumers often don’t know what product to choose from the endless variety on the shelf. With a second placement, you can create a more inspirational shopping experience and make your product an easy n°1 choice.


We activate

Once the cooler is produced and ready to deliver, our engagement doesn’t come to an end. Just snap your fingers and we install or even fill and refill your cooling display on the spot for you. And of course, you can always contact us if a technical problem occurs.


We refurbish

Cooling displays often have to work 24/7 to keep every product fresh. And even if we build them to last in the toughest of circumstances, you might want to freshen up your branding from time to time. Which is why we can always refurbish your design and do a technical check-up at the same time.


We consult

As your consultants in ‘cool’ we think of opportunities to place your product away from the shelf, creating your own strategic ‘shelf room’. We make you stand out in the middle of the crowd. Together we think of where, when, why and for how long you can make your mark.


We produce

In our dynamic and flexible production facilities in Europe, + 40 professionals work to perfection using the best of materials. And in our craft workshop, we’re happy to invest our + 30 years of expertise to develop and produce a unique working prototype of any cooling display you can, or even can’t imagine.


We support

We believe we really perform better if we work through the project together, from design to prototyping, production, transportation, final installation and aftercare. Which is why our experts in cool are always standby to support you through the journey.


I’d love to have support

Absolutely! Sigrun is ready to guide you or put you in contact with a cool expert.

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