Cooling with attitude

We are Creative Cooling Group. A talented team of retail market experts who know how to build the perfect cooling display.
We bridge brands with people and bring your products closer to the shopper.
We sell 'cool’ and we make sure your ‘cool’ sells.

Heylen Group zet groeistrategie Creative Cooling Group verder met de overname van Coolio International

Heylen Group en Creative Cooling Group nemen Coolio International uit Antwerpen over en versterken hiermee het bedrijfsportfolio van Heylen Group in het marktsegment van de promotionele coolers.

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We offer you quality and creativity from concept to final delivery. From a handmade first draft to a hyper realistic 3D-rendering, from a standard cooling display to a custom-build branding and communication tool... if you want to bridge your brand with the right people, our expertise and creativity will do the job for you.

  1. After listening very carefully to what a client wants or needs, we put some authentic, handmade sketches of our first concepts down on paper, and present them.

  2. On this 3D-representation we can implement the brand’s identity. We show in a photo-realistic way what the final display looks like from different perspectives, even with the right products already included.

  3. As soon as we agree upon a specific concept, we start making a technical drawing and a workable, practical execution of it.

  4. Once the creative cooling display is produced and finished, it can be transported to its strategic working place, ready to make a lasting impression.

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Our mission “Bridging Brands with People” also includes offering you additional services to make your project a success.