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Ice-cold seducers

How to exploit the impulse buying power of ice cream.

With summer approaching, it is time to talk about ice cream! Or… Isn’t it always a good time to do that? It is not called the world’s favourite frozen treat for nothing. One of the coolest facts about ice cream we discovered during our research is that we all have an ice cream identity! Ever wonder which flavour you would be? Take the cool quiz on www.icecream.com and find out!

The figures don’t lie. Everyone loves ice cream. In 2019 we bought more of this yummy treat from the supermarket than ever. On average 30 pieces per person to be exact. A few years ago, take 2015, the average number of ice creams was 23. The reason? Warming weather conditions undoubtedly play a major role.

On top of that ice cream manufacturers continue to spoil us with new, irresistible flavours. Think, for example, of the Speculoos flavours of Lotus Bakeries: the Classic, the Salted Caramel and the Chocolate chips. Recently, they even won a food award for the tastiest introduction in 2019. Congratulations! Also the iconic Manon ice pralines of Leonidas or the unequalled Cheesecake flavour of Ben&Jerry’s simply create an instant feeling of happiness.

Alright, alright, alright,…we’ll stop listing before you run straight to the supermarket to get one of these irresistible treats.

Besides, not only the offering is getting bigger, it is becoming healthier as well. As a response to the global demand for more healthy products, ice cream manufacturers and retailers launched new varieties with fruit and vegetables. Ice creams with fewer calories are becoming increasingly popular. Take vegan ice cream in particular. Ice cream made without animal products is on the rise. According to the figures of IRI research agency, from 2018 on, sales quadrupled. Actually, it’s simple. It’s a truism that everyone loves ice cream. You can find the irrefutable evidence that explains why, on page 4 in this whitepaper. Although we know that we don’t have to convince you anymore about how badly consumers want ice cream. The potential sales figures are huge and manufacturers aren’t even close to their peak. Why? Because the impulse buying power of ice cream is not yet fully exploited. Why not? Product presentation is key. And there’s still a lot of room for improvement in that area. Let us show you how to make shoppers interact with your cool products in the coolest possible way.

Avoid the pitfall of the boring freezer department.

In this whitepaper we show you how you can strategically present your frozen treats to shoppers in the coolest possible way and make sure you can escape from the grey zone that the freezing department often is.

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