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How second placement empowers you to boost your sales

Get 5 tips to grab the curiosity of shoppers, even in economically challenging times.

‘Price’ becomes again the driving force for purchasing decisions. So, an invaluable piece of advice: make time to map out where your cool products are offered to the consumer, and especially in what way.

Integrating a Second placement strategy into your marketing plan is key now! Let us share 5 tips about how to win instore. A win win for both retailers and brands.

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Be stronger than “price”

It is no *Breaking News* when we tell you that shopping carts have become 6% more expensive in one year’s time. In fact, the cost increases for raw materials, energy, transport, and packaging are unstoppable and inevitably trickling down to the shopper.

This ugly truth means that influencers such as ‘appetite’ and ‘curiosity’ are rapidly losing ground. Sooner or later, consumers will be forced to let the influence of the most feared Marketing P, better known as “price’, guide their purchasing decisions.

Is your product only presented on the overcrowded shelf? Know that this is an invitation for the consumer to quickly compare prices and yes, choose: the cheapest.

So, an invaluable piece of advice: Don’t fight a price war! Make sure your product stands out, definitely in these challenging times.

???? How? By adding second placement to your merchandising strategy. Get these 5 tips. ➡️ And increase your sales.

How second placement empowers you to boost your sales

Get 5 tips to make sure your cool sells, even in economically challenging times. ????

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