Why an LCD screen on your promo cooler is top of the bill?

Simply a win-win for retailers, brand owners and advertisers.

Are promo coolers already part of your merchandising strategy? Great, good job. Because in these economically challenging times it is more important than ever that your chilled and frozen products catch shopper’s attention. And that means: Dare to escape form the shelf. Stand out in a promotional cooler. Of course you can!

Now, at Creative Cooling Group we like to go the extra mile. Because it’s our job to make sure your cool sells. That is why we are happy to tell you about the advantages of an LCD screen on your promotional cooler.

Are you ready?

First, the overall advantages of an LCD screen

How cool is it to plan and manage your media messages from a distance. Even more, motion attracts attention. As simple as that.

No doubt, the combination of a promotional cooler and an LCD screen brings products closer to the shopper.

Benefits for retailers of an LCD screen

  • As a retailer you offer extra media space in your store without extra effort. Very close to the shopper. Very interesting for brands.
  • The result: You are in the driver’s seat to win a commission on the media budget.
  • You plan the screen content remotely.
  • Watch out: You create noticeably more attention for a product or brand on your shop floor.

Benefits for brand owners and advertisers

  • An LCD screen means motion. The opportunity to display dynamic content and to attract the attention of shoppers.
  • Statistics claim that two-thirds of purchasing decisions are made in-store. Why not take the chance to personalize extra and to encourage purchase?
  • You can link your promo to the product or brand in the cooler. Again, win-win!
  • You get more control over brand campaigns: you can adjust the screen yourself via the online platform, so you do not have to go on site.
  • The opportunity to get more insights into your promo campaign.

So far, so good. Time to make it concrete for you now:

???? We offer you the cool added value of an LCD screen on our open top coolers of the Tulip Series.

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