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Let’s make your heart beat faster for cooling! This creative spot is full of Cool Reads, Cool Realisations and inspirations that will spark your creativity. Discover what a Creative Cooling display might look like and how you can unleash the power of second placement to make your brand an in-store powerhouse.


Cool Realisations

100% Electrical Gelato Bike

Meet the Tesla of ice cream vans.

Proof that creativity and sustainability are perfect matches was delivered by Jort Collijn from Antwerp. Together, we developed a battery-powered freezer to make his electric gelato bike both user-and environmentally friendly.

The perfect mobile cooling solution.

Melkunie Breaker

The perfect break in your day.

A brand that is edgy, unrestrained, and dedicated to literally jump out obviously needs a display cooler that does exactly that: making sure they are seen and activated. We came up with a playful, creative concept aimed at young people who love action and impulse decisions.

Standing out like a boss.

Heylen Group

Celebrate your success in a cool way.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”. That’s why Heylen Group wanted to celebrate their latest achievements by treating their employees to some cold bubbly. A cool idea we were more than happy to help them with!


A fun design with bubbly for everyone.