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Use (y)our imagination and get inspired

Let’s make your heart beat faster for cooling! This creative spot is full of Cool Reads, Cool Realisations and inspirations that will spark your creativity. Discover what a Creative Cooling display might look like and how you can unleash the power of second placement to make your brand an in-store powerhouse.

Cool Realisations

Boulangerie Louise

A relaxing and harmonious whole.

Boulangerie Louise had a very specific question for us. Instead of an eye-catching cooler that stands out, they wanted a solution that seamlessly fit their shop interior. Our challenge was to create a product that perfectly matched the modern, cosy look & feel of this artisanal bakery.

Cool, let's do this!

Finnish rockband Popeda

Rock on and keep it cool.

Having the opportunity to enjoy a nice cold drink whenever you want and wherever you go… That’s the challenge Finnish rock band Popeda faced us with. So we came up with an extra cool idea: a tailor-made display cooler in the shape of a flight case.

The perfect mobile cooling solution.

Heylen Group

Celebrate your success in a cool way.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”. That’s why Heylen Group wanted to celebrate their latest achievements by treating their employees to some cold bubbly. A cool idea we were more than happy to help them with!


A fun design with bubbly for everyone.