Boulangerie Louise

A relaxing and harmonious whole

Boulangerie Louise had a very specific question for us. Instead of an eye catching cooler that stands out, they wanted a solution that seamlessly fit their shop interior. Our challenge was to create a product that perfectly matched the modern, cosy look & feel of this artisanal bakery.

Cool, let’s do this!
  • We started off with an existing machine, the Paros cooler, and adapted it completely to the style of Boulangerie Louise.
  • We used the same structure and colour for the coolers as the corrugated aluminium sheets that were used for the walls.
  • We also enlarged the cooler and used tailor made materials to fit around the appliance.

The result is a harmonious whole that feels calm and relaxing. It’s the perfect example of a shop integration and custom built project, where we overlook every possibility and decide what will work best for our clients and theirs.

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