Flex solutions


They are easy to set up and move around: our FlexSolutions. Starting from a compact, cube-shaped cooling element, we build all possible shapes in cardboard for temporary use and in hardboard for longer use up to 4 years. Personalisation at its best!

In a nutshell

  • Wide range of possibilities in terms of shapes and materials
  • Create 360° eye-catcher with high accessibility
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to the plug and play principle
  • Available for rent from 1 week
FLEXsolution_Series_met cube_1000x655

The FlexSolution display of Creative Cooling Group does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It represents quality, is beautifully designed which makes it a perfect communication medium for our cold coffees. They are being noticed, nicely presented and perfectly cooled. By putting these displays on smart, strategically chosen spots in the shop our Caffè Lattes sell like hotcakes.

Frank Callaerts, Emmi Benelux

Explore the possibilities

Hardboard with 3D bottle

Flex 45

Chilled & ambient combo

Tetra shape

Open top

Can shape, stand-alone

Unique shape

XL product front

3D sides

Chilled & ambient combo

Open top

Can shape, chain solution