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A new European ECO-label: WHY ?

Over the past years, we have taken several steps to make sustainability a topic rather than something that lies outside the standard cooling business. Energy labels are a great aid in our quest to reduce emissions as they encourage consumers and brands to buy more efficient products. At Coolio, we challenged ourselves to be compliant and have the mandatory energy labels for all our coolers produced since March 2021.


The energy Transition starts now.

Along with the revised labels, the EU introduced & specified minimum requirements for energy consumption, ensuring that the worst-performing models can no longer be sold. These new EU-labels are mandatory for all manufacturers and importers wishing to sell their products in the EU.
We therefore re-developed an easier-to-maintain Coolio unit and applied modifications which resulted in a better performance.


What’s new:

  • The addition of a QR code to the labels; scanning the code leads to entries in the EPREL database, where additional product information of our e-Coolio is available.
  • These new measures will not only help cut electricity bills but at the same time deliver a significant energy saving
  • The new label helps to fairly compare the efficiency of (promotional) coolers as currently many chillers consume up 2 to 3 times more energy than non-labeled ones.
  • By switching to more energy efficient and durable refrigerating appliances, you’re improving the life span, maintenance, re-use, upgrade, recyclability and waste handling.

Click here to read more the required regulations and EU labels on our Freshboard models.
It’s time to make to make the right choices, for ourselves and for the planet.