Creative Cooling Solutions to everyone’s taste

Think beyond the classic solutions to reach your customers. New technologies and apps create new opportunities every day. Hot & cold, grab & go, branding & sales, in & out of the box… our creative solutions offer you the beauty & the brains to catch the eye and stimulate the senses in the right way, at the right time, in the right place.

Open Front Coolers

These displays are open at the front. Shoppers only have to stick out their arm to grab your product. Spoilt for choice with stand-alone or modular displays in different shapes, sizes and materials.

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Open Top Coolers

These coolers are open at the top and guarantee grabability. Products are directly accessible to shoppers who can put them in their shopping basket immediately. Discover solutions to stimulate impulse purchases.

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Glass Door Coolers

Whether you prefer sliding doors, double doors or hinged doors, let yourself be surprised by modern European designs with endless possibilities, various volumes and a great eye for sustainability.

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Bar Coolers

Are you the manager of a cool bar or fancy restaurant and looking for a bar cooler with attitude? Take a look at our bar refrigerators that give your interior that extra touch of punch.

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Counter Top Coolers

Minimal space, maximum result? Our counter top displays get the job done! You easily put your cooled products in the spotlight, with a minimal footprint as a result.

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Our promotional freezers keep your products below zero in style. If you thought a freezer was purely functional, you thought wrong! Explore our offering. Some freezers are worth melting for.

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Interested to multiply your turnover by 3?

Placing your product in a strategic location to offer clients a whole new buying occasion is a very rewarding way to improve your turnover (up to +59%). Compared to an average +0,3% in sales when you expand your assortment by 1%, this is impressive!

Ready to play it cool?

No matter what kind of solution you are looking for, our experts never lose their cool. We would love to have a chat and talk about your ideas.