Open Front Coolers

Cascada Series

The refined Cascada displays have a beautifully rounded design that offers maximum visibility for your products. Finished at the top with a shelf in premium wood to offer you the possibility to upgrade your product presentation with non-cooled elements, such as tastings, decoration or presentation boards.

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Commander Series

This best-selling series continues to appeal. It's recipe for success? All Commanders are 360° customizable and completely transform into the look & feel of your brand. In addition, they are easy to rebrand as soon as another communication is desired. They are light, playful and thanks to its wide range of formats, a perfect fit for any location.

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Elegante Series

Do elegance and timelessness match the look of your brand? Then the Elegant series is for you. These flexible display coolers offer 3-side-open product visibility, full-body branding and the opportunity to present many different products. This lightweight, easy to transport model with beautifully integrated lighting is a keeper. 

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FlexSolution Series

Did you say affordable, personalized and delivered quickly? The FlexSolutions are perfect to experience the power of Second Placement. Starting from a compact, invisible cube you'd be amazed about the possibilities. We offer cardboard and hardboard displays in plenty of shapes. Also available for rent. 

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City 60

A promotional display cooler certainly doesn't have to be bulky to catch the shopper's eye. In fact, our City 60 proves the opposite is true. This slim, gracious display does the job on a small space. An ideal product presentation solution for retail shops located in the city centre or convenience stores with a limited surface area.

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Extremis Series

The Extremis series is one without frills. Hyper qualitative, a timelessly robust design, in short: a sturdy good looking display cooler that does what it's supposed to do. You can put a multitude of different types of products in it. And a lot. These appliances are spacious, solid and finished to perfection.


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