K2 60-95 Cool/Freeze

I can cool and freeze, what's your superpower? With the K2 you easily switch between cooling and freezing. The adaptable branding allows you to present ice cream today and chilled coffees tomorrow.

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Kodiak 107-110Cool/Freeze

Our Kodiak is a relatively small display freezer that is certainly not inferior to its big brothers when it comes to drawing attention. With his distant ID board, he seduces passers-by to take a look at what he has to offer. 

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Diamond Series

A good-looking display brings additional shelf space. More space to offer more products to the shopper. Our spacious Diamond freezers offer 360° product visibility with LED lighting to upgrade your product presentation. 

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Holly CF Series

This slim, stand-alone display freezer made of high-quality metal offers 360° product visibility and has a high grabability factor. An island in itself, ideal to present a variety of chilled and frozen products.

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