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Open Top Coolers

Can Cooler 65

Roll this 360° personalised barrel to the location where it is most useful at that moment. It has a large capacity, low weight and offers you pure flexibility. Suitable for various types of products: bottles, cans, boxes,... you name it.

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Cube 65

Want to present your product in the most visual way without losing flexibility? This Cube 65 is portable, 360° customizable and offers 360° product visibility. You simply roll it to the location of your choice, plug & cool.

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Holly Cool Series

This slim, stand-alone display cooler made of high-quality metal offers 360° product visibility and has a high grabability factor. An island in itself, ideal to present a variety of chilled and frozen products.

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Kentta 120-110

The combination of wood and metal makes this display stand out immediately and gives your shop an instant upgrade. By presenting products from a different perspective, you offer shoppers a perfect product overview.

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Marine Series

This round-shaped entry model made of high-quality PVC and acrylic brightens up the room thanks to its integrated lighting. It is available in different sizes and very easy to personalise thanks to its replaceable branding.

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Mercado Series

Speaking of style. This metal-made cooler combines maximum product visibility with a premium wood finish. It offers you the possibility to upgrade your product presentation with non-cooled elements.

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Moorea Series

Looking for a solid display cooler with a timeless design? The Moorea series is for you! These coolers made of high-quality metal and glass will never go out of style. Capacious and suitable for a variety of products.

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Pallet Cooler Series

Combine the visual with the functional. Place a cooler around your pallet and your customers leave the shop with nicely cooled drinks. It couldn't be more simple and the brand identity stays 100% visible.

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Paros Series

The Paros offers 360° visibility and a wide range of presentation possibilities. It can be closed with a sliding glass door. This graceful product will light up your shop and boost the brand experience of the products inside.

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ZF Series

A sleek, modern design, a tiltable top, a small footprint and maximal product visibility. That is what our Z.F. series has to offer. Available in different sizes, all RAL colours and fully customizable.                               

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