Rock on and keep it cool

Having the opportunity to enjoy a nice cold drink whenever you want and wherever you go… That’s the challenge Finnish rock band Popeda faced us with. So we came up with an extra cool idea: a tailor-made display cooler in the shape of a flight case.

The perfect mobile cooling solution:

  • The cooler is big enough to hold all the drinks these tough guys need, but compact enough to easily load on and off of the tour bus.
  • Thanks to the wheels the cooler is moveable and can follow the band to the backstage area and even on stage.
  • Although it’s technically not possible to create a completely wireless cooler yet, this Popeda cooler perfectly meets the growing demand for remote solutions.

This project proves that the times where coolers only belonged in supermarkets are long gone. Nowadays you take your cooler with you - even if that means live on stage at a festival. Now that’s what we call cooling with attitude!