Bicicletta Germaine_Elektrische Gelato-fiets_1

Meet Bicicletta Germaine

A 100% electric gelato bike a.k.a. Tesla of ice cream vans.


We can't call Jort Collijn from Antwerp anything else but a real creative! What started as a so-called “crazy idea” grew into an ingenious, sustainable cool project.


Jort approached us because he wanted to develop a fully electric gelato bike. To put his idea into practice, he needed a battery-powered freezer. Our cooling experts were caught up in his idea. They teamed up and worked out a user-friendly, compact, and Plug & Play prototype that could potentially be commercialised for mass production. 


Cooling technology, development, and design at its best!


This summer, the gelato bike is driving around for the first time! You can even rent it to treat your colleagues or loved ones to refreshing ice cream.


Projects like this make our cooling hearts beat faster. We are proud to collaborate on this creative & environmentally friendly project and wish Jort success with his clever realisation!


Do you also have a creative cooling idea? Let us know and we’ll create it together.