Our designers and developers are ready to turn your ideas into cool opportunities. If it hasn’t been done before, it’s time we do it and start creating together!

A glimpse at our modus operandi:

Schetsen_Caprice_800x400 px

Step 1: kick-off

After listening very carefully to your cooling needs, we get to work to create a jaw-dropping display that will sell your cool.

Create-a-cooler_TechnicalDrawings_800x400 px

Step 2: pre-development

Our product developers dive into the design and review the concept in terms of feasibility, practicality, safety, and sustainability. 

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Step 3: material selection and pricing

The first sketches are turned into a unique concept visualization that’s presented to you. We demonstrate the used materials, functionalities, design, and pricing. 

Create-a-cooler_Production_800x400 px_1

Step 4: prototyping

Your cooler is technically outlined and all necessary components to build the device are mapped. Hereafter, the appliance is effectively built and extensively tested in our Cool Factory.


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